Benefits of Fenu Fibre

Reduces Glucose Levels by 35-40%

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Reduces Triglycerides

Reduces fat absorption in the body

Reduces incidence of hypoglycemia

Remain active for long periods without feeling hungry

Good for weight management

Can be consumed by entire family

Can be safely consumed even by Non Diabetics

Scientifically Proven

IMAGINE EATING 5 KGS of food a day – and still staying thin and healthy. That may sound crazy, but it is exactly what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate millennia! And they did not have obesity or chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer or dementia.

About Fenu Fibre

Of course, I would not advise anyone today to eat 5kgs of food, because the food in our society lacks one major secret ingredient that our ancestors ate all their food - Fibre!

fibre has so many health benefits that I want to focus here. I will explain some of its benefits and give you some tips you can begin using today to get more fibre in your diet. I will also tell you about my favorite “Super-Fibre” that can help you increase your total fibre intake.

But before I tell you about what fibre can do for you, let us look a little more at the history of fibre. Why Bushmen are healthier than us.

A famous physician, studied the differences between the Bushmen and their “civilized” counterparts. The Bushmen seemed to be free of the scourges of modern life—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. It was found that the average bushman had a stool weight of 113 grams and the “civilized” men had a stool weight of 87.5% lesser.
The difference was in the amount of fibre they ate.

The average hunter and gatherer ate 100g from all sources of roots, berries, leaves and plant foods. And the fibre is what helped those ancestors of ours stay healthy. Just take a look at all the good things that fibre can do for your body. You need fibre to keep healthy from top to bottom, as well as to provide food for the healthy bacteria that work within you to promote health.

Glucomannan is an ancient fibre source that can help you loose weight, lower your cholesterol, reduce your appetite, and lower your blood sugar more effectively than any other fibre.

In fact, fibre can actually prevent obesity and all the chronic diseases. This is because fibre slows the rate at which food enters your bloodstream and increases the speed at which food exits your body through the digestive tract. This keeps your blood sugar and cholesterol in ideal balance and quickly eliminates toxins from your gut and reduces your appetite.

There is good science to back this up. Research shows that fibre can lower sugar as much as some diabetes medications, lower cholesterol, and promote weight loss. It is clear, that fibre is a great ally in the battle of the bulge. But it is also a hero in more serious battles

For example, one recent study showed how butyrate made by gut bacteria from certain types of fibre acts as a switching molecule that turns on an anticancer gene and turns OFF colon cancer. In fact, fibre has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as a third and breast cancer by almost 40 percent.

It also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease by as much as 40%. And if you have diabetes, adding fibre to your diet may even help you use less insulin. Plus, it is a great natural cure for constipation and irregularity.

Now that you know how beneficial it is, let us look at how you can begin taking advantage of fibre’s health benefits. Getting enough Daily fibre. You should aim to get 30-50grams of fibre into your diet every day.

The type of fibre you choose is important, too. Most people think that bran is the best type of fibre to eat. But bran (wheat fibre) is mostly insoluble and does not get digested. Think of it as more of a scouring pad for your intestines. It cannot help your health the way that soluble fibre can. You will find soluble fibre in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and most whole grains. The bacteria in your gut metabolizes the soluble fibre in these foods, and that is when the benefits start.

Soluble Fibre can help lower cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin, prevent cancer, balance harmone levels, vitamins and minerals, provide food for the colon cells and more. So it is easy to see just how crucial soluble fibre is to good heath!