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Fenu Fibre

Why Fenu Fibre?

Weight Management

FENU FIBRE forms a gel that slows down the emptying of the stomach and the transit time of food through the digestive system. This makes a person satisfied or full. FENU FIBRE stimulates the secretion of the hormone cholecystokinin, which alerts the brain that we have had enough to eat.


FENU FIBRE slows down the absorption of glucose, resulting in a more normal pattern insulin secretion as well as better control of sugar.


FENU FIBRE lowers blood cholesterol by binding bile acids and then excreting them. FENU FIBRE protects against Coronary heart Diseases.

Why Fenu Fibre?


FENU FIBRE promotes the protection of short chain fatty acids, which in turns results in a more acidic color and a healthy population of friendly bacteria. This facilitates detoxification and bolsters our natural defenses against parasites and fungi.

Cardiovascular Disease

FENE FIBRE has an effect on weight, cholesterol, Triglycerides and glucose metabolism. High Fiber intake is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Constipation / Hemorrhoids

FENU FIBRE speeds up the transit time of stools, which means, there is less contact time for toxins and reduced risk of colon problems and with less straining required to pass a softer stool, the probability of developing hemorrhoids is usually reduced.